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SpongeMan's Sensorimotor Manifesto

NB the site has been hacked so I have had to remove all existing users. Please re-register! Also you may find curious comments and irrelevant references inside some of the articles which have been inserted by hackers. Please ignore them while I try to get rid of them!


This collaborative site is work in progress in defining and developing the

Sensorimotor Approach to Phenomenal Consciousness.

The links on the left are efforts to build a definitive version of the approach. Much work needs to be done, and many sections are not complete. I look forward to any suggestions or contributions.

Please check this page for instructions on how to contribute. In particular, please register with your name in the form: LudwigWittgenstein.

In the first sections listed on the left can be found a pithy introduction to the sensorimotor approach (The Sensorimotor Approach Made Simple), as well as the The Sensorimotor FAQ. Material developed in the FAQ was the basis of a tutorial I gave at the Oxford meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness in June 2006. Don't hesitate to add comments and suggestions. On the left you can also find links to Forums for open discussion of the theory as well as improvements of the web site

NB you must register and be logged in to be able to contribute, post comments, upload files and modify text!

The other sections listed on the left go into greater detail in trying to make the sensorimotor approach precise.

The links to Articles, Images, and Files are for people to upload and consult whatever might be interesting in relation to this theory. At the moment there is little or nothing there! Any help is welcome.

Kevin O'Regan
April 2006, updated March 2007

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