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Before being able to post comments or modify the texts, you have to log in. If this is your first time, please register yourself with your name in the form: JeanDupont (not just Jean or Dupont!!)

To post a comment on "comment" at the bottom of the page you want to comment.

Adding additional material to a particular section
On long pages I have added links for adding more material to each subsection. Clicking on "More on blablabla.." will bring you either to a page that doesn't yet exist, in which case you can create it, or to an existing page where someone has already added some additional material. Here you can either modify the existing material or post a comment.

At any point in the text you can also put in your own links to pages you yourself want to create. To do this, use the same syntax as used for the "More on blablablaba" links. After saving, clicking on the link brings you to the new page.

Modifying the text
If you feel that the text of a page requires correcting or improving, you can do it by directly modifying the page. There is an editing button at the bottom of each page or a little editing icon at the top right hand corner of the page.

The pages use wiki-syntax which is described if you click on the "wiki help" at the bottom of the editing screen. When you have finished writing or editing, don't forget to click on "save".

All changes that are made are monitored, and previous versions retained. To see the history of changes, click "history". One can always regress to previous versions if someone makes a mistake.

Monitoring changes
If you wish to be notified by email when a particular page is changed or commented by someone, click "perms" when you edit the page and supply your email address. An eye icon at the top right of a page allows you to change the state of the monitoring of the page. By default you are automatically notified if you are the author of a page.

Uploading or linking to interesting information
Feel free to add images or files to the image or file galleries, or to provide interesting featured links or to post articles or contribute to the forums.

If these instructions are not clear!
then please post a comment here or modify the instructions yourself by editing them! In case of other problem, please contact me.

Thank you!
Kevin O'Regan

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