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Forum: Discussion on the sensorimotor approach

Forums->Discussion on the sensorimotor approach->Flash-lag and postdiction

Flash-lag and postdiction

Comments on postdiction (for Gerrit - and Yair? - to join in):

Kevin:"I dont like the term "postdiction" at all, because it also suggests some internal mechanism that reconstructs a picture or moment in time. More precisely, it suggests the existence of a little homunculus inside the brain looking at a film of what happens, moment by moment. Then, after the event happens, the film is patched up and reconstructed to postdict what happened, and presented to the homunculus. Anyway that's the idea that "postdiction" evokes in my mind (and judging from what the people who use the term say, I fear that that is their view)."

My response: "Would you ascribe to the term postdiction as just a way to describe a potential relationship between physical and psychological time?"

Kevin:"I guess that would be ok. But for me the term is couched in a whole literature which makes the vehicle - content confusion, so it is better avoided!"

So my question to you Gerrit is: do people who study the flash-lag effect and explain it as an instance of postdiction believe that the flash lag effect is the result of perception being reconstructed from a representation (albeit imperfect)? Is there not a way to interpret (or word the interpretation of) the flash lag with the "soft" definition of postdiction that I just proposed?

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